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Meet us!

  • I think you are able to succeed at Technopolis when you have the right attitude and are ready to take on new things, and of course with the help of great coworkers.

    Maija Väyrynen

    Key Account Manager in Oulu Business Unit

  • Technopolis has enabled me to develop myself professionally and I have been able to do meaningful things. The atmosphere at Technopolis is encouraging. It's great to work in a company whose products and services are so much ahead of the competitors.

    Juuso Syvänen

    Head of Sales in Helsinki Metropolitan Area Business Unit

  • There’s no two similar days in Technopolis. Challenging oneself, learning new things and a supportive environment makes work meaningful. Together with nice people, these things make you feel like staying at Technopolis year after year.

    Ritva Hartikainen

    Group Controller in Group Business Control

  • With great colleagues and tenants, Technopolis makes for an exciting workplace to develop yourself. Technopolis aspires me to bring great service and hospitality to our customers to keep the satisfaction at its highest.

    Thomas Bakkehaug

    Customer Service Agent in Oslo Business Unit

  • It is very easy to fall in love with Technopolis – this company is always changing but has strong values. Why I like my work is that it‘s never boring – no routine, always a bit of challenge in projects and wonderful colleagues that are ready to support you and work together to reach goals and close tasks successfully.

    Vytautė Jonaitė

    Service Manager in Vilnius Business Unit